Smokung Fu

Who needs gum or a patch, when you can have your very own Kung Fu master to help you kick that dirty little habit.

First of all, any PSA with a man dressed up as a big fat cigarette with a cloud of smoke billowing from the top, will grab my attention. But when you mix a nicotine-clad man with a Karate master, you are just asking for trouble.

Via NoFatClips:

A PSA sponsored by California Department of Health Services. The spot was directed by Kevin Donovan (the director of The Tuxedo) at Form.

I will admit that in general, I have noticed that there are far less smokers in California than in New York. (Note: I feel like when you move to Manhattan, the local gov. gives you a complimentary carton and teaches you to inhale).

But after watching this video, I almost want to start smoking so that I can have my own Kung Fu master to help me quit.


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