Monthly Archives: February 2007

Like falling though a deep-space void or down a magic rabbit hole, this new video for the Swedish indie-rockers Peter, Bjorn in John is an emotional trip. The third vid from Writer’s Block, Peter falls like a rag doll down a pit of monotone colors and 3D images.

Personally, I find the song “Objects of My Affection” to be rather drowning. With a nasally chords combine with the steady marching drum, it almost makes you feel like if you close your eyes, you will melt into your pillow and fall gentle into the magical void that was created in this video.

As if I didn’t want the iPhone already, Apple released this fantastic slice of movie history during last night’s Oscars. This clever little mash-up was the only commercial that I didn’t fast-forward through. In fact, I scrolled backward to re-watch.

With Apple’s previous ad campaigns ranging from the friendly Mac computer guy to the iPod’s urban hipster jive, it was unclear who this new campaign would target. After the debut of this first commercial teaser, it’s obvious that the new iPhone is not only one of the most coveted devices in the film industry, but it is also being marketed as such.

In retrospect, last night’s Oscars seemed to be a rather dull spectacle of showmanship and inside-the-theatre humor. As a host, Ellen was better then expected, though she failed to really maintain energy and interest in the show. So when Will Farrell and Jack Black bust out a tag team tribute to comedians at the Oscars, many sat wondering why the multi-talented jokesters weren’t hosting this year’s ceremony.

Watching this clip again, I still can’t decide which was better, Will Farrell’s hair or John C. Reilly’s high notes. I’d give you the Oscar, Will. Hell, I’d give you your own category. Just promise to never make Anchorman II — and don’t ever take yourself too seriously.

We have seen very little of Avril ever since this “Girlfriend” became a wifey, so we were mildly shocked and completely amused to see her latest video. With an ABC Family-esque story and a choreographed dance number, it makes you wonder if it was the end of puberty or the hubby that made her give up her punk-a%% antics.

Rocking a dangerously short skirt and hot pants, Avril is a hottie in fishnets in heels. Which, if you think about it, is a little funny because she once fought fiercely against the “Oops I Did It Again” aesthetic. Moral of the story: Avril’s new vid is not so punk and not so innocent! Where did our little “skater girl” go?

Ever wonder what it would be like pack up your bags and pursue your dreams of Hollywood stardom? Well, Almost There is a fun, inspiring web series about life in Los Angeles. Featuring two “somebody” waiting to be discovered in the vast sea of talent, the Nontourage series “Almost There” follows two friends, one a screenwriter and the other an actress, hoping for their big break.