Monthly Archives: March 2007

Timberlake-esque with a hint of Jamiroquai, “Makes Me Wonder” seems like yet another Maroon 5 song you’ll sing along to on your commute to work. In the first video off Maroon’s soon-to-be released album “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,” Adam Levine doubles as either a super-sexy spy or debonair traveler on a mission. Distracted by the front man in the killer tux, I didn’t quite “get” the overall concept of this video. But the sheer novelty of shooting in an airport – not just any airport but LAX – still has me rather impressed.

The only thing funnier than lame niche products ads is watching other people make fun of them. This hilarious spec ad by Superdeluxe creators, The Post Show, is a brutally realistic take on the Douches that wear too much men’s cologne.

Slowly invading the music scene over the last couple of months, many music junkies may have known who Winhouse was or heard a song or two — but, they didn’t know the who, what, where and why about her. Now, mere hours after today’s write up in Pitchfork, the word about Winehouse is out.

Being compared to the fellow Brit pop artist, Lily Allen, Winehouse is said to be live up to Allen’s brash and unpredictable nature. Already a huge commercial success in the UK, Winehouse’s second album Back to Black sounds like it could have been pulled from the soundtrack of Ray or Dreamgirls. Yet, there is also something inherently bold and different about it: the content is brash and uncompromising. Each word has meaning, but the context of her powerful pipes makes each song deeper than the words themselves.

I am not a Woman of Warcraft, so I have little to no idea what this show is actually about. But, what I can tell you is that the host, Molly, is spunky and knowledgeable. Her voice is very crisp and clean and she owns every segment and geektastic monologue in the show.

As a podcaster myself, I think that WoW — an abbreviation adopted by shows creators — is a great example of what a niche show should be. It’s a little urban and fun, while being admittedly dorky at the same time.