Monthly Archives: December 2006

This year the Flaming Lips had a YouTube contest were Tubers could make their own video submissions for a chance to win tickets the The New Years Eve concert in LA and Dance onstage with thte lips. My roommate and I love the Flaming Lips so we put on sequins/duct tape and ran around the city like the freaks that we are.

As part of our Sunday entertainment, we put together a Lips-esque music video instead of a more traditional shake what your momma gave you vid. Hoping, just hoping, that we will be cool enough to dance on stage with Wayne.


In the spirit of the holiday season, this new Shins video reminds the populace of how easy life is now in comparison to yesteryear. Remarkably similar to the Jib Jab Year in Review, the Shins use the context of a school play to explore a vivid and public history. With children acting out graphic historic events, there are moments that you forget that A) these events actually happened and B) these are children playing with swords and dying in horrific ways.

Visually stunning, I find myself unable to fully appreciate the weight of these images when combined with the harmlessly melodic track.

Take a peek into the demented minds of Fred and Adam, two members of Taking Back Sunday, as they call out the senselessness of bird-gifting. This video is brilliantly animated and features giant blue elves, an ugly holiday sweater, and Donnie Bonaduce.

“The 12 Days of Christmas” is one of those songs that became a classic not because it has any music merit, but because it’s obnoxiously long and easy to spoof. Taking Back Sunday’s unique rendition of the holiday carol is perfect example of how outrageous holiday songs can become.

When I first heard about French Maid TV, I thought it was going to be some dumb excuse to watch boobs and some booty-shaking. But, as it turns out, the show is clever and actually kind of cute. The scripted podcast is a series of “How Tos” featuring three attractive French maids, offering advice on topics such as How to Register a Domain or How to Barter Online. These brooding babes don’t just know how to work a feather duster; their advice is surprisingly web savvy.

Inter-cut with distractions and fun little asides, the latest episode of French Maid TV is an informative and eye-catching guide to sharing music with your friends. As fun as rock climbing and potato sack races are, I love how the French maids are trying to stay connected with the Holla girls. Being from complete opposite sides of the world, who knew they had anything in common?

And that guy being held under arrest… just happens to be Alex from Diggnation. I wonder how hard it was to convince him to put down his laptop for long enough to be held in contempt? Seriously, it’s impressive to see any web personality actually part from his or her computer. Even if there are sexy ladies involved.

This weekend, Timberlake hosted SNL, and it was actually entertaining. I will admit I have always thought that Timberlake took himself a little too seriously. Maybe it was because he was the lead singer of a hot-to-trot boy band or because he got REALLY mad that time he was Punk’d, but Timberlake always seemed a little self-involved and just… not funny.

Apparently, I might have been a little harsh, ’cause the boy’s got some skills. Timberlake’s hosting duties this Saturday included battling Santa for charitable donations while dressed as a giant Cup of Noodle, digging up some early 90’s raps like Salt ‘N Pepa’s “Shoop” in order to do so. After Timberlake dressed up as a dolphin during a Flaming Lips concert, it’s clear that the public doesn’t mind the pop star covering up that hot bod is a big plushie suit. But while he man-dressed-like-soup shock value is definitely worth your time, that’s not the only reason to watch. Turns out that Timberlake is actually kind of funny.

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