Monthly Archives: April 2007

Yesterday morning a tanker exploded just south of the Bay Bridge, igniting 8,600 gallons of gasoline into a massive fiery blaze. According to this detailed footage, it appears that the fireball started on the lower deck melted parts of the deck above. With parts of the highway missing and steel melted onto the concrete ramp below, the fire caused severe damage to the I-80, I-880, and the MacAuthur Maze. Though the fire undoubtedly caused immense damage — forcing hundreds of thousands of commuters to seek alternative travel routes and public transportation — it’s incredible that no one was fatally injured as a result.

As someone who has spent many-an-hour studying the representation of new media by mainstream media, I was mildly irritated by SNL’s portrayal of online video creators. With online video lacking the financial risk that drives mainstream media, the web has allowed the everyday-American to distribute their silly or cute videos online for free. The majority of these people never had a strategic marketing plan or innovative rationality motivating their video sucess. So what is there to say? Yeah, I have a flea market and now millions of people know all about it. Read More…

The only thing more shocking than Gwen Stefani’s pre-fashioned punk rock and over-the-top antics is Gwen Stefani without them. In her new video “4 in the Morning,” our lady Gwen appears to have been taken prisoner and forced to recreate a Jessica Simpson video.

Rolling around under the sheets and soaking in the tub, Gwen lets her platinum blonde hair down to shows fans the sensitive core that hides under her badass porcelain exterior. Has Stefani gone soft? Maybe. But it’s also possible that she realized building an entire career on gyrating and outrageous fashion is utterly exhausting. We still love you Gwen.

Appearing on Ask a Ninja about a month ago, Farrell is one of the first A-list comedians to show the community that he is not above web comedy. His new sketch, The Landlord, also exhibits the web potential to allow popular personalities to express themselves, uncontrolled and uncensored.

Today my podcast hit 1000 subscribers. I just want to thank every one for your support and suggestions on how to improve the show. I’ve been really lucky and I know this wouldn’t have been possible without the continuing support of iTunes and their editorial staff.

Oh, Buster! I can’t help but find joy in the outrageous antics of Tony Hale (A.K.A. Buster from “Arrested Development”) in this newly released video from the pop-rockers, Switchfoot. With cardboard animation and 80’s styling, this music video for “Awakening” proves that there is really nothing better than watching the epitome of uncool rock-out like an eyeliner-wearing, guitar playing bad a$$.

With a strong hook and a catchy core beat, the Grammy-nominated Switchfoot has a strong chance to make themselves inescapable on the airwaves. If I was grading this song on how much it reminds me of any other chart-topping pop-rock single, “Awakening” would get an A for effort.