Monthly Archives: January 2007

Emotionally evocative, there is something hauntingly simple about this downtrodden love song. It seems as though the artist, Fionn Regan, is speaking directly to each listener from his soul. His tone is firm yet flexible and his eyes seem drenched with pain.

Using a variety of urban and scenic landscapes, the video was shot with live acoustics and pieced together by editors. Beautifully filmed, the audio often competes with wind, running water, and lofted ceilings. Each scene has its own background and ambient noise, yet the song never drowns in the fluidly chaotic motion.

Kevin Federline, you may have outdone yourself. Just when the public view of Brit Brit’s trailer-trash ex-hubby began to steer away from images of the “rapper” selling off his designer hat collection one at a time, Fed makes another move to take advantage of his soon-to-be-fleeting fame. As a baby daddy with not one, but two, ex-wives with bank, it’s no surprise that KFed’s all-about-the-money attitude has lead to this life-sux-then-you-find-a-new-cash-cow advert.Check it!

The second daily episode of Internets Celebrities, “SWAG,” follows Dallas and Rafi as they enter the secret world of Sundance’s platinum-price-tag giveaways. Gaining entry into the exclusive Fred Segal store and the Marquee gifting shop, the Internets Celebrities ask retailers what this year’s hot items are and who takes it home free of charge.

In a nation where most people think a Ford model is a kind of truck, it is rather awe-inspiring to see not one, but two top-ranked YouTube videos coming from the Ford runway model channel.

At first, I found it interesting to see fashion and high culture on Youtube’s top watched. Then I realized that this primetime placement might be a result of the hot model factor. The pretty faces, thin physiques, and fashionably tight clothing make me wonder if the thousands of viewer care at all about the skill needed to design the art draping off their slender frames.

Much like Nora Jones’s previous hits “Come Away with Me” and “Don’t know Why,” this slow, lackadaisical song makes my want to stare out the window of a train and watch the countryside slowly pass me by. The first single from Jones’s third album, “Thinking About You” is a familiar continuation of the Grammy winner’s soulful style .

Exploring the windows of the singer/song writer’s mind, the newly released music video explores the clouds of thought that distract and dilute the brain — especially on a long subway ride. Animated with fuzzy clouds and pulsing hearts, the dreamy video reveals the web of Alice in Wonderland-esque fantasies

It is sort of amazing to see a web series hosted by the family pet.

Having met Chou Chou (pronounced “shoe shoe”) and Buns myself at the Vloggies, I can attest that these floppy co-hosts are far from your garden variety wabbit. With unique personalities and distinct, often annoying voices, these bunnies offer a unique perspective on the podcasting world. Two-pawed typing doesn’t seem very efficient but Rabbit Bites makes do, featuring reviews and commentaries about videos found on the internet.