Monthly Archives: May 2007

I’ll admit to liking Linkin Park but there is something rather off-puting about their new single. Maybe it’s the fact that Linkin was one of the pioneers of the pop rock generation and I expect more from them, but “What I’ve Done” sounds like every other song that Linkin Park has ever done. Actually, it sounds like every song they have done, remixed, and re-released as a new album. I mean, you have to respect a band that is so bad-ass that people are willing to buy their same album twice. But, at a certain point, you’d think that Linkin –who haven’t released new material in four years– might want to step it up a notch.


Over the past two weeks, Demetri Martin has starred in not one, but two, newly released rock music videos. The first is an Anderson-esque video for Fountains of Wayne that was released earlier today. Though the Wayne video is not my favorite, the thought of Martin being all sad and alone makes me want to fly to New York to console him. But personally, I prefer the video (shown below) for Travis “Selfish Jean”. It is simple, resourceful, and seems more in line with DM’s beloved “sketch” comedy.

More brilliant than the concept behind this “Get a Mac” ad parody, is the way that the superheroes are able to embody the confidence and charm of the original Mac vs. PC characters. There is something sad and slightly lonely about our Superman (DC). Even though he is a popular and historically loved superhero, DC is vulnerable to younger, sleeker, hipper upgrades. And that’s when this hotshot, oldie but never-fully-appreciated goldie (Marvel) comes to town, saving the geeks from impending browser-crashing doom. Over time, the cyberworld grows to rely on Spidey more and more by the day. Poor PC… Umm, I mean DC. He may never be the reigning super power again.

Talk about a generation gap! Breakfast at Sulimay’s takes modern music, and plays it to bunch of elderly gents. Starring three sort-of grumpy old men, Joe, Moon, and Phil, I can’t tell if I like the show because it samples some of my favorite music or because the food-minded threesome reminds me of my own grandfather.

I apologize for the language (i.e. incomprehensible babble) in this Bruce Willis video. But it seems that every time a celebrity seems drunk or curses on live television, the web nation goes wild over it. During this interview at a break in yesterday’s Nets-Raptors game, Willis appears almost as tipsy as Danny Devito on The View and drops a Minnillo-worthy f-bomb. So on a scale of one to exciting, this video should rack up some serious traction on the celebrity gossip circuit. “Yippee-kai-yay, motherfucker!”