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I wish that Bring your Child to Work Day was this distructive when I was a kid.

Usually, I was stuck in some conference room with a TV and a handful of Disney movies on VHS.

This animated series created by Amp’d Mobile features all the spoils and world domination plots that one would expect of Bush as a child. And even better, it miniaturizes all the
President’s closest political confidants and makes them his playmates.

The concept of such well-known national figures being recreated as younger versions of themselves reminds me of the animated TV show Clone High. The series, which lasted on MTV for less than half a season, featured such historical big wigs as Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, and Gandhi and put them in high school together. Arguably the most brilliant shows ever created for MTV! Currently in it’s second episode, I hold lil’ Bush in equally high regard.

My personal highlights of this episode are when Bush gets bullied in school by Kin Jung Il, the inability of the Cheney’s to utter a comprehensive thought, and Bush bombing lil’ Mikey Moore and the Blue States.

For more lil’ Bush check out the pilot titled “hot dogs”.

I’m impressed with Boy Least Likely To for a number of reasons. Primarily because their videos rock my world.

The English indy rock band also self-produced, self-mixed and self-promoted debut album The Best Party Ever. A success in England, the album was released in the United States in late spring, following their tour opening for James Blunt.

According to, “If there was an advert for how to achieve homespun success in the music business in 2006, The Boy Least Likely To are it.”

After reading various articles on the band, I would have to agree. But also mention that their videos, are an advert for their already promising career. Having never heard of the band, I found the video title “Hugging My Grudge” on YouTube and instantly went looking for more info on the colorful British duo.

“It’s really important for us to have a good video” said singer and lyricist Jof Owen. “We’d rather be known for our videos and record sleeves and things like that than for our live show.”

If you like this happy-go-lucky music video, check out I’m Glad I Hitch my Apple Wagon to your Star which features Playmobiles and flowers.

Look what happens when Nobody’s Watching. I think these guys may have managed to get more camera time than the winner’s themselves.

After making it their mission to “get on television as much a possible,” Derrick and Will, two ordinary looking guys, disguise themselves as valets and take over the Emmy’s.

When I came across this video on Google, I had a sneaky suspicion that it wasn’t child’s play. How would these vlogers manage to get the clearances and get the inside the Emmy’s and acquire the costumes to pull of this stunt?
After following a few links, I cracked the mystery: must be easy to place yourself just inside of frame of action with the help of NBC.

The creator of “Scrubs” and “Spin City” is the brain behind the characters. Nobody’s Watching is another scripted web series.

According to the invisible plot, Derrek ans Will were two “nobodies” working at the family mini-mart in Ohio. Bored of the options that television had to offer, these fictional character posted a video addressed to the TV networks on YouTube. According to their Myspace page, “somebody at NBC must have liked it, because a week later they flew us out here and gave us a bunch of money to make Webisodes.”

In retrospect, I realize that I have noticed these guys before. Nobody’s Watching Diet Coke and Mentos has been on the most watched videos page for the past few days. And I remember having a similar pang of internal questioning ie How did they make the fire look that good?

The explosive spoof is one of seven videos included on impytherap‘s (aka Nobody’s Watching) YouTube profile that is currently climbing the ranks of popularity:
#4 – Most Viewed Channels (This Week)
#16 – Most Viewed Channels (This Month)
#29 – Most Subscribed Channels (All Time)

So before we have another Who Are They and Where Did They Come From mystery on our hands, let it be known that this playful duo that everybody’s watching is a corporate creation.

For more info:
The New York Times wrote an article about Nobody’s Watching a few months ago.
Or check out the official website, too see what else happens when Nobody’s Watching.

In order to revitalize young Jewish people’s in the Holy New year’s rituals, Taglit-isreal presents the following…

This animated sampling mixes a beat sounding similar to Ludacris’s Money Maker with the blaring of the holiday’s Shofar, a trumpet is an essential part of the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services.

I think that it’s interesting that a religious foundation that organizes “birth-right” trips to the “Holy Land” would promote this video as a way to make the high holiday appeal to the younger or YouTube generation.

This viral, at a glance, may appear offensive to the religious nature of the Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of the New Year, is the most important and widely celebrated Jewish holiday. Though not a member of the religion, even I can see how the Rabbi rocking out on a ceremonial horn could ruffle a few feathers. I can only imagine what the parents, who have never even heard of Crunk, might think of this.

All seriousness aside, I do think this video is absurd and well conceived. Nothing says “celebration” to the MTV or video-hosting crowd like a booty shaken rap video. But there is one thing I am still having difficulty deciding… which is more crunk, the gold teeth or the booties on ‘dem apples?

For most pop culture artists, it would be difficult to keep a niche genre alive twenty three years after they started it.

But Weird Al takes Chamillionaire’s popular song “Ridin (Dirty)” and transforms it into cult-worthy comedic farse.

Best known for song parodies, Yankovic’s cheeky humor is most effective when contrasting the style of the song with its content or when pointing out trends that have become pop culture clichés. “White in Nerdy” is from “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album “Straight Outta Lynwood” that’s available in stores Sept. 26.

Former Baywatch Babe and Nightrider hunk takes a dive with these cheesy music videos.

I have to look away. There is just something gruesome about a middle age man rocking out like he never has before, literally because he never has before. Without the voice of Boy Meets World’s Mr. Feeny*, Hasselhoff’s hunky ride doesn’t have the same appeal. Check out this video Jump in my Car and let me know your thoughts.

Just can’t get enough, here’s one more for those of you who are Hooked on Hoff videos.

*note: I do realize I am dating myself with this reference. May it be known that I only watched Night Rider in reruns