Monthly Archives: November 2008

Today I had the chance to sit down with Kathleen Grace, established web series producer and co-creator of The All for Nots and The Burg, to talk about what a video creator needs to create a successful web series.

Click here to skip the video and read the transcription.

“How many times have you seen a great trailer for an awful movie – or paid full price to see a film when all the best scenes are in the trailer? Beyond the Trailer, which launched earlier this week, goes beyond the fast-cuts and god-like voiceovers to find out what you’re really getting when you buy your movie ticket.”

My new friend  Grace Randolph, who used to be the writer, creator, and host of a similar box office show called RevYou, is the mastermind behind this new man-on-the street film show. I’ve seen a couple episodes and so far I really like it. My only criticism is maybe she could branch out and do different segements so that the show isn’t always so formulaic. Either way, it’s definitely worth watching a few episodes.