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And by thriller, I don’t mean a fast-pasted, bad acting film genre. I’m talking the leather clad, hip gyrating, lurking in the shadows of the night Michael Jackson THRILLER!

I wonder what the lyrics to this song are? Is it Jackson or something different entirely.

But being an impressionable child of the 80’s, I watched MJ’s Thriller ten times over and couldn’t resist miming his outrageous dance moves at the next Halloween Bash.

The dance moves and the crowd of zombie followers is almost a DEAD match to the video that scared that pants off me as a child. Maybe I could tell then that one day MJ would grow up to be the monster that he portries in his video.

This Bollywood version is equally as fantastic. I love how the dance adapts to the cultural dance style of India rather than exactly coping the MJ moves.

And the face on this Bollywood stud is frightening…maybe he did learn something from MJ after all.


Halloween is almost here. Check out one this unreleased Tim Burton short which happens to be one of my favorites.

I love this dark poetic piece. Created in 1982, there is something about it that reminds me of every film that Burton has ever has ever done.

Excluding the obvious style of claymation that Burton has crafted and made his own, there are brief moment when you giggle to yourself because an image reminds you of something, that you’ve seen some where, oh wait…it was in another Burton movie.

The part when Vincent taps his fingers reminds me of Edward Scissorhands and when I saw the smoke in the alley, my anxious mind was waiting for Catwoman to creep out.

I’m a big fan of Poe and Burton and the combination of the two (which I hear maybe happening again in the near future…let me guess, Johnny Depp?)

Another reason why I am enamored by this short is because the over imagination of a small child and clashed with a grim and almost violent twist. I was never that child, but knew a few who fit the character.

Is his dog’s name really Abercrombie? Brilliant.

It’s not easy being vampire pimp. This is actually a party invite for a Birthday Bash I went to a few weeks ago, but I love the vid and it makes me excited for Halloween.

A true tale about the dark creators that lurk in the night. My first thought, this dude looks like Christian Bale. And in this amazing vamp pad, he might as well be.

I may have watched this vid about a half dozen times since the party to get me in the mood for Halloween. And let it be known that being from Massachusetts, I take the holiday’s cross dressing and ghost scaring seriously. People have died over this stuff.

When the hunky vamp pulls the fake vamp teeth out of his pocket, I almost died. A subtle spoof on “protection,” he converts his hot lady friend for some all-out sloppy smooching. I could go on for another graph or so about the numorous reason that I love this video, but since I actually know these guys, I’m both partial and slightly nervous of them knowing my twisted inner thoughts.

I hear that originally there was a three in a half minute version that was just as spooktacular. I’m trying to convince them to let me have a sneak peek at the unreleased version. Love these guys!

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This short from 2002 has been circulating the web for some time, but I love it.

I am a sucker for expressions…whether little kids, pets, or Garbo. I feel like there is something powerful in an unpainted stare or the explosive transformation of the cheeks and eyes when you laugh. For some equally captivating reason, having a notepad for a face makes it possible to convey the same meaning with just a few squiggles.

Tim and Tom are two little men (whose faces are in fact notepads!) trying to keep in touch each other. But the Creator (intended as the one who created them) tries very hard to interfere.

The animation overall is very polished and seemless yet the faces of these two men are simple but expressionistic. As a viewer you almost trust that each expression is planned to be meaningful, rather than preconcieved or unconscious.

I love when he uses the back side of his face to show the lightbulb. And the part where all of the scraps of paper are on the floor. Its almost like he was writing a novel (on the pad that is his face) and couldn’t quite get the right word. I am personally a huge fan of post it, my favorite being the really small one’s that can only fit about 15 words in pale muted colors.

After watching this short, I almost want to make a roll of simple Felicia faces sketched on post-its and display them on the back of the computer to show how I am feeling. Like today would be a focused with a dash of eager. We’ll see how this turns out….

This PSA sounds like it straight of of Jack Black’s Tenecious D album, all it needs are some repetative G-tar cords to beef up the background.

Speaking of background, what is my dear friend Jack doing in this vid? Did he join the Union Grip‘s department (these are the guys who help adjust the lighting and mount stuff to well stuff…its sort of hard to define, but they are the meat of the set and the electricians are the potatoes. Together they make people and places look pretty and well light.)I was so distracted by the c-stand and flags that I couldn’t quite focus on what Jack was saying. Flags…maybe thats it, pirate ships have flags maybe some one’s off-sided humor thought it would be funny to make a obsure industry joke. Not so funny.

Don’t be a douche, your a rock star turned actor Jack, and wouldn’t make it a day as a grip or a pirate. Nice try tough, and I love the reading rainbow-esc star at the end.

I fell like this video by Okkervil River doesn’t match the song. Watching it several times, I took a moment to appreciate each part separately.

This video is trying to take two artistic mediums and throw them in a blender; instead of Margaritas they got and chunky clumps of paint trying desperately to attach to its favorite cord.

Refusing to give up on the video itself, I tuned out the song and played this video to several tracks in my music library. If you ignore the lipsynch and the band gratuitously appearing in the wilderness, the best match visual/audio match I could find was with “Free Until They Cut Me Down” by Iron and Wine.

Still not entirely satisfied I closed my eyes, listened to the song and visualized each idea. I can see where the creative content for this video may have stemmed from, but I fell like it would have been far more effective using black and white with a gritty texture, combining static landscapes with intimate close-Ups. Frantically lost with nowhere to turn, haunted by deamons while looking for some one to free you from the monster you hide inside. Heavy stuff. I like the song but I think they should give this video another go.

Test it out with your music library and tell me what you think…