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Seth MacFarlane launched his online-only animated series Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy today. The show is the second example in the past few month of TV producers developing their own project on the web. Will the freedom of the net attract more studio talent? Either way, the man is funny and I am excited that he has come to join our little web party. Here’s one of his first episodes:


Ever wonder where LOLCats came from? Boingboingtv takes a look at the origins of this historic internet phenomenon.

More brilliant than the concept behind this “Get a Mac” ad parody, is the way that the superheroes are able to embody the confidence and charm of the original Mac vs. PC characters. There is something sad and slightly lonely about our Superman (DC). Even though he is a popular and historically loved superhero, DC is vulnerable to younger, sleeker, hipper upgrades. And that’s when this hotshot, oldie but never-fully-appreciated goldie (Marvel) comes to town, saving the geeks from impending browser-crashing doom. Over time, the cyberworld grows to rely on Spidey more and more by the day. Poor PC… Umm, I mean DC. He may never be the reigning super power again.