Why do computers always go all judgment day on humans? In this Hacking Hollywood, Skynet becomes self-aware in Terminator III. Watch out John Conner because morphing data machines are here to take you down!

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La Strada’s music video for “The Sun Song” is a visual allegory of the band’s sound, its roots in Europe but with a style that is quintessentially New York. “The Sun Song,” from La Strada’s self-titled EP, is set to be released February 24, 2009 on Ernest Jenning Record Co. Music Video directed by Jack Ferry.

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“How many times have you seen a great trailer for an awful movie – or paid full price to see a film when all the best scenes are in the trailer? Beyond the Trailer, which launched earlier this week, goes beyond the fast-cuts and god-like voiceovers to find out what you’re really getting when you buy your movie ticket.”

My new friend  Grace Randolph, who used to be the writer, creator, and host of a similar box office show called RevYou, is the mastermind behind this new man-on-the street film show. I’ve seen a couple episodes and so far I really like it. My only criticism is maybe she could branch out and do different segements so that the show isn’t always so formulaic. Either way, it’s definitely worth watching a few episodes.

So, I know that literal version of music videos have been done before. But normally, it’s a mashed-up interpretation of a popular song with widely unknown lyrics (one of my favorites being the misheard lyrics to Pearl Jam). As a welcomed twist on the music parody scene, dustin films re-recorded the song to mimic the actions playing out in the video. To quote videogum, “if viral videos could get book deals, this viral video would be on your coffee table.”

How many times have you seen a YouTube video and just had to buy a product or a service related to the video? Ok, never. But still, if you want to spend your hard earned cash in these times of looming recession, now you can do it directly from YouTube. (via Mashable)

This is actually a pretty big deal for independent artist and media companies who now have a chance to turn a profit from music downloads and DVD sales. Before this new integration, publishers were pushing fans to another site — where they had to fill out all of their info — and lost many potential buyers who weren’t in the mood or didn’t have the time. This new YouTube program will lead to a new stream of profitability for web creators and I accept the challenge of finding a way to tap into it.