Appearing on Ask a Ninja about a month ago, Farrell is one of the first A-list comedians to show the community that he is not above web comedy. His new sketch, The Landlord, also exhibits the web potential to allow popular personalities to express themselves, uncontrolled and uncensored.


Paying homage to life between radio stations, this short by Austin Hartman is a vivid depiction of the bond that grows between friends and then tears them apart.

Gaining 4 out of 5 points on the cuteness scale, I recently feel in love with this short about a little British boy running away from home. In Goodbye to the Normals, the cutest kid ever sits down with his parents to tell them that he’s hoping a boat to America and never coming back.

Recently, I’ve seen this short mentioned on many a blog and websites. But, this morning I read on Adfreak that this popular vid is actually promoting Robbie Williams new album, Rudebox. I’m not sure it was produced independently or by the label, but either way…it’s still pretty darn cute.

A parody of 1950 educational and government propaganda videos this short by has been passed from inbox to inbox. Copyrighted in 2003, this PMS how-to has only been online for a week. With a million and a half views on YouTube, this is one of the most commented and linked to video online. And why shouldn’t it be? It is absolutely frightening.

Offering tips in “home etiquette” when dealing with the dreaded PMS (Prehistoric Monster Syndrome), this clever short is a spoof on both vintage propaganda and the horror of the everyday.