To kick off 2007, I want to flashback to my favorite example of commercial insanity from the oh-so-far-away year that was 2006. This Folgers ad features freakishly happy townies cheerfully singing praises of morning. Emanating a brilliant yellow light, these happy singers remind me of something I once saw on the Teletubbies.

The spot features happy oompa-esque creatures creeping into bedrooms and bringing the joys of coffee. And the website that accompanies this ad campaign is equally as absurd. With helpful services, such as a Boss Tracker, an automated morning email response, and a personal wake up call, Folgers seems to have noticed that not only do we need coffee to wake up — we need the blinds drawn and the sheets pulled off of our beds.


Take a peek into the demented minds of Fred and Adam, two members of Taking Back Sunday, as they call out the senselessness of bird-gifting. This video is brilliantly animated and features giant blue elves, an ugly holiday sweater, and Donnie Bonaduce.

“The 12 Days of Christmas” is one of those songs that became a classic not because it has any music merit, but because it’s obnoxiously long and easy to spoof. Taking Back Sunday‚Äôs unique rendition of the holiday carol is perfect example of how outrageous holiday songs can become.