La Strada’s music video for “The Sun Song” is a visual allegory of the band’s sound, its roots in Europe but with a style that is quintessentially New York. “The Sun Song,” from La Strada’s self-titled EP, is set to be released February 24, 2009 on Ernest Jenning Record Co. Music Video directed by Jack Ferry.

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Nearly 40 years ago, a young Canadian boy snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room to talk about peace. The beloved musician, who was embraced by the world for his revolutionary views, spoke to the renegade child with no filter to his opinion of reality. Some what dark and jaded, Lennon’s words are brought back from their grave into this Oscar nominated short. A composite of sketches and digital imaging, I believe this artful animation transcends generations and speaks to a nation constantly at war with itself and it’s culturally obstructive enemies.

I’ll admit to liking Linkin Park but there is something rather off-puting about their new single. Maybe it’s the fact that Linkin was one of the pioneers of the pop rock generation and I expect more from them, but “What I’ve Done” sounds like every other song that Linkin Park has ever done. Actually, it sounds like every song they have done, remixed, and re-released as a new album. I mean, you have to respect a band that is so bad-ass that people are willing to buy their same album twice. But, at a certain point, you’d think that Linkin –who haven’t released new material in four years– might want to step it up a notch.

In retrospect, last night’s Oscars seemed to be a rather dull spectacle of showmanship and inside-the-theatre humor. As a host, Ellen was better then expected, though she failed to really maintain energy and interest in the show. So when Will Farrell and Jack Black bust out a tag team tribute to comedians at the Oscars, many sat wondering why the multi-talented jokesters weren’t hosting this year’s ceremony.

Watching this clip again, I still can’t decide which was better, Will Farrell’s hair or John C. Reilly’s high notes. I’d give you the Oscar, Will. Hell, I’d give you your own category. Just promise to never make Anchorman II — and don’t ever take yourself too seriously.

I have never sen a live show give a song such meaning! Prince’s performance of Purple Rain at the Superbowl was mind-blowing. During his twelve-minute set on a mondo stage shaped like his iconic symbol, the man won back some street cred with killer chord combinations and a legendary performance.

The rain, the power, the emotion: it was all a tease of the greatness to come. Prince ended his set with his own legendary hit “Purple Rain,” and there couldn’t have been anything more beautiful. A purple glow emanated from his being as the harsh rain poured down upon him. The sweet melody echoed through the stadium. A silk curtain elevated to silhouette Prince as he performed his larger-than-life guitar solo. I can’t breath just thinking about it.

It may only be two and a half inches wide and a half and inch thick, but the new Mac phone has the entire tech world creaming their pants. With no buttons or click wheels, the sleek black design does the one thing that consumers have been waiting for: combine their entire music library music, cell phone, internet, personal organizer, and camera to create one end-all-be-all device.

Some of the coveted device’s patented features include multi-touch support, a sensor that turns off the screen when it’s close to your face, 2 megapixel cam, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4GB or 8 GB of storage. Apple quotes 5 hours of battery life for talk or video and a full 16 hours in music mode.

As some one who relies religiously on Mac technology, has owned an iPod since its initial release, and whose job it is to watch hundreds of videos a day, I think my future husband may have some competition in the upper-right ventricle of my little techie heart.

With a few years left before Bowie reaches senior status, today we celebrate the rockers 60th birthday. To celebrate his coming of age, BBC News has put together “60 facts about the iconic singer, actor and artist.”

Born as David Robert Jones, Bowie has lived both a rebellious and influential life.

My favorite factoid is number eleven on the list, “At the age of 17, he was interviewed on a BBC programme as the founder of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men. He complained: ‘It’s not nice when people call you darling and that’.”