music video

In this video for Sam Roberts latest single “Them Kids”, the isolated environment of a Simms-like suburbia offers a cookie cutter world devoid of fear and poverty. Yet, when you listen to Robert’s lyrics, the message is not nearly as happy go lucky as the colorful visuals depict them to be. Symbolic of the generational divide between Gen-X and our elders, video games are the precise reason why many of “them kids” are too distracted in modern society to enjoy the simple pleasures of past generations.


Created using a camera-free laser imaging system, this new video for Radiohead’s “House of Cards” positions technology as the driving force behind the music. At a symbolic glance, it’s almost seems that Radiohead surrendering to a future where the megaband is pixelated by the collapse of the traditional label structure. Whether they meant to send this message or not, it’s interesting that this video was produces during a time when the music industry is adapting to new technologies and unconventional distribution models.

Over the past two weeks, Demetri Martin has starred in not one, but two, newly released rock music videos. The first is an Anderson-esque video for Fountains of Wayne that was released earlier today. Though the Wayne video is not my favorite, the thought of Martin being all sad and alone makes me want to fly to New York to console him. But personally, I prefer the video (shown below) for Travis “Selfish Jean”. It is simple, resourceful, and seems more in line with DM’s beloved “sketch” comedy.