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In a nation where most people think a Ford model is a kind of truck, it is rather awe-inspiring to see not one, but two top-ranked YouTube videos coming from the Ford runway model channel.

At first, I found it interesting to see fashion and high culture on Youtube’s top watched. Then I realized that this primetime placement might be a result of the hot model factor. The pretty faces, thin physiques, and fashionably tight clothing make me wonder if the thousands of viewer care at all about the skill needed to design the art draping off their slender frames.


Danielbeast, the possible love interest and best friend of Lonelygirl15, has been hitting his mark with his most recent videos. After the “religious” ceremonies and Bree running away, the Lonelygirl series become more of a cult web drama than the series creators may have ever anticipated.

Having missed much of the series since its dramatic turn, I find this episode to be both emotional and well composed. The music by the Kyiv Chamber Choir is chilling and the waves crashing against the rocks seem almost violent. It’s universally emotional tone and beautiful imagery may be the reason for this video hitting YouTube’s most watched.

Flag Makeover is Barats and Bereta’s first video in over a month. The duo has been MIA from YouTube’s Most Watched and Top Rated charts since they signed with NBC. Prior to the deal, they were Top o’ the Tube for several weeks at a time and just about every new B&B video was an instant hit.

After thier brief hiatus, Berats and Bereta already found their way back to the top of the Most Discussed and Top Favorites charts. With its noticeably augmented budget and a less ambitious story line, Flag Makeover gives Berats and Bereta fans fleeting hope that the comedy team may not be to cool for YouTube after all.

In my opinion, The Back to the Future Trilogy is one of the three most recognizable cultural classic film series, the others being Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

With no snakes or intergalactic wars, the enemy or dramatic dilemma in Back to the Future is accidentally changing the Future, losing time, and Biff.

Playing a school bully with cronies in tow, Tom Wilson’s character tries to steal Lorraine (Marty’s mother) from his father and threatens the main character’s entire existence.

With no masks or face altering make-up in his Role as Biff, Tom Wilson still looks like a slightly older, not so mean, version of his classic character. In this comedy sketch that is currently topping the highest ranked and most watched videos on YouTube, Wilson jokes about his life after the “I love the 80’s” classic film.

With life so consumed by professionalism, busy schedules, firm hand shakes and an affirming nod, I have noticed increasingly less social interaction between myself and those I encounter in my every day life.

It is easy to ignore one’s lack human contact especially in a big city that surrounds you with similar unaffectionate people.

Free Hugs is a real story of Juan Mann, whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. Instead of offering money or advice, Mann targeted those in need of affection. Such unsolicited affections may be prejudged and misunderstood in a society full of paranoia and mistrust.

Many, including myself, would fall to scheptism upon the idea of welcoming the arms some a stranger on the street. Who is this guy? What does he expect in return? Who else besides some “sicko” would spend their time donating hugs to people they have never seen before and may never see again? I think that for this reason, the callous and mistrust of society, free hugs were banned.

Featuring music by the Sick Puppies (sort of ironic that the band would be called this), Mann proves that a hug can be a sign of affection, welcome, or the willingness to accept people for their similarities and differences. The campaign for Free Hugs has become popular on several user-generated sites to become the most watched videos currently on the web.