The only thing funnier than lame niche products ads is watching other people make fun of them. This hilarious spec ad by Superdeluxe creators, The Post Show, is a brutally realistic take on the Douches that wear too much men’s cologne.


Like Sesame Street gone horrible wrong, Waverly Films creates an f’ed up world where puppet and people live in murderous dismay. Airing on Channel102 last year, this googley-eyed puppet drama is dark variation on the classic crime serial.

To kick off 2007, I want to flashback to my favorite example of commercial insanity from the oh-so-far-away year that was 2006. This Folgers ad features freakishly happy townies cheerfully singing praises of morning. Emanating a brilliant yellow light, these happy singers remind me of something I once saw on the Teletubbies.

The spot features happy oompa-esque creatures creeping into bedrooms and bringing the joys of coffee. And the website that accompanies this ad campaign is equally as absurd. With helpful services, such as a Boss Tracker, an automated morning email response, and a personal wake up call, Folgers seems to have noticed that not only do we need coffee to wake up — we need the blinds drawn and the sheets pulled off of our beds.

A response to the wildly popular Dove Evolution campaign, this video deconstructs the sharp, emaciated features of a male model. Watch as the rocker-esque model transforms into “that guy” who lives next door and never leaves the sofa.

Would you really want to see an ad for this lard-o plastered across your fair city? Created by the campaign against real life, this viral argues that consumerism has created the current standard of unattainable beauty. In reality, nobody wants to see the guy next door, except when he is getting the morning paper and cordially saying hello. So maybe, just maybe, the computerized falsehoods that advertisements project are in everyone’s best interest….

Created by Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf, Jetset is a weekly teen culture web show that highlights cool and often geeky things found on and offline. Dedicated to using web vision as a communication tool, Jetset focuses “on teen life and interests as it relates to today’s global online culture.”

Though the show may target to teens, there is some thing universal about Jetset’s quality programming that appeals to a much larger audience. By combining issues of insecurity, angst, and morality with a fun-fictional vibe, Jetset makes note of important issues without preaching or talking down the people who may suffer from them.

A great example of the “actions speak louder than words” attitude of the show can be found in their latest episode. Zadi and Steve address personal debt and video game addiction in such a fictionally disguised manner that I barely caught on to the implications. Personally, I thought the video game detox sequence was brilliant. And with the Wii and the new Xbox coming out this holiday season, I may have to enlist some of my friends. Click here to watch

Good thing Doogie came out of the closet, because this musical outburst on The Megan Mully Show may have raised a few eyebrows otherwise.

Who knew that my favorite drunk from Will and Grace had her own daytime Talk Show? Or that it was still on the air? The show claims to combine the classic talk and variety shows and feature a mix of celebrities, real people, music and comedy. And this clip that includes CBS’s How I Met You Mother’s cast proves all of the above.

Earlier this week, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel broke out in operatic song, performing “Confrontation” from Les Miserables. With very little encouragement needed to convince these seasoned actors to put on a show, I love how seriously the duo belts out their favorite show tune. A big fan of Segal on Freaks and Geeks, I couldn’t stop laughing at his serious, quasi-professional performance.

This short is hilarious, mostly because it is my life – and probably the life of any other online editor – in a nutshell.

Who would’ve ever thought blogging was this hectic? There have definitely been times that I’ve ignored the world because I was “blogging.” Fashion trends come and gone, major news broken, celebrities walked by, and I was too busy to notice.

Even more ridiculous is the tone in which this guy says the word “blogging;” he says it like eight times in one minute and I just couldn’t stop laughing. “Um..sorry, I’m blogging.. can’t you do that I’m blogging…Send that to my voicemail. I’m blogging here.” So funny. Also, who in the internet biz actually wears a suit any more? My suggestion: put on some jeans and some Chucks and get a latte, Bud. Because in this web savvy world there is a whole lot of blogging to be done!