Some web savvy Muppets have surfaced on the internet singing some of their favorite classic tunes. Check out this ode to joy from Beaker, everyone’s favorite puppet scientist!


More brilliant than the concept behind this “Get a Mac” ad parody, is the way that the superheroes are able to embody the confidence and charm of the original Mac vs. PC characters. There is something sad and slightly lonely about our Superman (DC). Even though he is a popular and historically loved superhero, DC is vulnerable to younger, sleeker, hipper upgrades. And that’s when this hotshot, oldie but never-fully-appreciated goldie (Marvel) comes to town, saving the geeks from impending browser-crashing doom. Over time, the cyberworld grows to rely on Spidey more and more by the day. Poor PC… Umm, I mean DC. He may never be the reigning super power again.

This year the Flaming Lips had a YouTube contest were Tubers could make their own video submissions for a chance to win tickets the The New Years Eve concert in LA and Dance onstage with thte lips. My roommate and I love the Flaming Lips so we put on sequins/duct tape and ran around the city like the freaks that we are.

As part of our Sunday entertainment, we put together a Lips-esque music video instead of a more traditional shake what your momma gave you vid. Hoping, just hoping, that we will be cool enough to dance on stage with Wayne.

In a closed course-game of “good guys” and “bad guys”, every one has a chance to put on a badge or ski mask and wreak havoc. Weaving through traffic and jumping off buildings, at the end of round one… they switch? Is this what people did before the advent of 3D video games?

This made-for-TV game of hide-and-seek is nothing short of child’s play. Created for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 “Jump In” campaign, this spot shows a group of adults playing a full-scale game of cops and robbers.

Kids, don’t try this at home.