Emotionally evocative, there is something hauntingly simple about this downtrodden love song. It seems as though the artist, Fionn Regan, is speaking directly to each listener from his soul. His tone is firm yet flexible and his eyes seem drenched with pain.

Using a variety of urban and scenic landscapes, the video was shot with live acoustics and pieced together by editors. Beautifully filmed, the audio often competes with wind, running water, and lofted ceilings. Each scene has its own background and ambient noise, yet the song never drowns in the fluidly chaotic motion.


And by thriller, I don’t mean a fast-pasted, bad acting film genre. I’m talking the leather clad, hip gyrating, lurking in the shadows of the night Michael Jackson THRILLER!

I wonder what the lyrics to this song are? Is it Jackson or something different entirely.

But being an impressionable child of the 80’s, I watched MJ’s Thriller ten times over and couldn’t resist miming his outrageous dance moves at the next Halloween Bash.

The dance moves and the crowd of zombie followers is almost a DEAD match to the video that scared that pants off me as a child. Maybe I could tell then that one day MJ would grow up to be the monster that he portries in his video.

This Bollywood version is equally as fantastic. I love how the dance adapts to the cultural dance style of India rather than exactly coping the MJ moves.

And the face on this Bollywood stud is frightening…maybe he did learn something from MJ after all.