For a cat vs. mouse video, I think this has some notable production value. The low angles combined with a come-hither kitty stare add up to an all-around entertainment.


Gaining 4 out of 5 points on the cuteness scale, I recently feel in love with this short about a little British boy running away from home. In Goodbye to the Normals, the cutest kid ever sits down with his parents to tell them that he’s hoping a boat to America and never coming back.

Recently, I’ve seen this short mentioned on many a blog and websites. But, this morning I read on Adfreak that this popular vid is actually promoting Robbie Williams new album, Rudebox. I’m not sure it was produced independently or by the label, but either way…it’s still pretty darn cute.

It is sort of amazing to see a web series hosted by the family pet.

Having met Chou Chou (pronounced “shoe shoe”) and Buns myself at the Vloggies, I can attest that these floppy co-hosts are far from your garden variety wabbit. With unique personalities and distinct, often annoying voices, these bunnies offer a unique perspective on the podcasting world. Two-pawed typing doesn’t seem very efficient but Rabbit Bites makes do, featuring reviews and commentaries about videos found on the internet.

This is why McDonald’s gives out toys and has the bright, colorful play gyms…so that you always remember how simple life was at age 5 when you were climbing up the slide, covered in chocolate milkshake.

The younger cuter version of myself used to love going and getting it a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal. The fact that my mom didn’t want us to make a habit of it made the whole experience even better. McDonalds was a “special treat” only to be allowed when on the run or when my dad was out of town and my mom didn’t want to cook.

As a child, there was never a care in the world when you trusted that clown and dined-in at the “golden arches”.

I feel like this commercial capitalizes on the innocences of youth and the simplicity of life as seen by the eyes of naive children. But, I love it anyway. The image of one’s inner child crawling out of his or her body is amazing. Plus,kids acting like grown-ups are always pretty darn cute.