Promoting Stephen King’s upcoming book, this mind-distorting series combines the visual stylings of a graphic novel with a chilling tale of suspense.


A love of comics mixed with an admiration for nonsensical comedy explains why I’ve spent the past few days replaying this one-minute short by Alex Butera on any device I could find it on.

Sitting here at my desk, overworked to the point that my brain can’t take another intellectual thought, it’s really hard for me to resist such brilliantly irrelevant lines as “my boots are sticky.” I think I’m going to watch it again!

Take a peek into the demented minds of Fred and Adam, two members of Taking Back Sunday, as they call out the senselessness of bird-gifting. This video is brilliantly animated and features giant blue elves, an ugly holiday sweater, and Donnie Bonaduce.

“The 12 Days of Christmas” is one of those songs that became a classic not because it has any music merit, but because it’s obnoxiously long and easy to spoof. Taking Back Sunday’s unique rendition of the holiday carol is perfect example of how outrageous holiday songs can become.