Speaking at NxtStage in LA today

Sick and aching with the SXsars, I flew out the LA last night to wake up bright and early to speak this morning. I was very excited to see that some of my favorite infrequently seen friends are going to be there, including Miles Beckett, Kim Evey, Zach Posner, and Woody Tondorf. So if for some crazy reason you happen to be chilling at the Renaissance hotel tomorrow, looking for a panel to attend, here’s the breakdown of when and what I’m speaking about:

Time: 10:30 am
Programming-Led Ad Networks
The proliferation of ad platforms and ad networks would suggest that we have, indeed, reached a mature transparent and standards-based video advertising economy. That said, we know the truth – reporting and standards are fragmented and lack any cohesion. This panel will address “new” modes on old models; experiments with demographically focused context-based channels.

Frank Chindamo, Fun Little Movies
Suhaila Suhimi, MyDamnChannel
Jen Grogono, ONNetworks
Dave Lavine, Adconion
Daniel Tibbets, GoTVNetworks
Felicia Williams, Next New Networks

Time: 1:30pm
The industry has, until recently, focused on re-purposing made-for-tv or made-for-theatrical content for the various platforms. Certainly, some of the limitations are financial. However – some are attempting to address maximizing platform distribution potential from concept through to editing suite. Learn how some industry executives have worked in the pre-production environment to efficiently maximize the context and quality of their programming.

Jason Stewart, Equimedia Group
Scott Zakarin, Iron Sink
Donna Michelle Anderson, PlanetDMA
Sol Weisel, Consultant (former EVP, Production & Operations, Playboy Entertainment)
Chris Greenleaf, GoTV Networks
Felicia Williams, Next New Networks


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