SXSW: Interactive Panels

sxinteractiveSo everyone who’s been following their Twitter feeds knows that SXSW is chalk full of good food, a few parties, and lots of meeting cool people. I was lucky enough to find all three. But, I also learned that there’s another side of the interactive festival that you don’t hear as much about: the presentations.

I think part of the reason why, is because you really have to be there to join in the conversation. Many of the panels are designs is to encourage people to participate. It’s called interactive, right? But seriously, it was really interesting to hear people talking most about ask the panels where the audience submitted questions or the core conversations were the audience answered them.

How’d these presentations stack up compared to traditional panels? Well, the audience had energy. You could feel that people were paying attention. Many still had their phones out and where check-in in frequently with sharable quotes and the whereabouts of their friends, but it was more than being restless than being rude. But the one thing I realize now is that in many of these sessions, I didn’t actually have a chance to learn from the speakers.

In a way, it sort of reminded me of the interactive space as a whole. By opening up the floodgates and giving everyone a platform to voice their talents and opinions, you create organized chaos. There are so many voices fighting to be found, whether it was by posting a retweetable twitter or walking up to the mic to ask a question. But how do push your way to the head of the crowd? And once you’re there who do you know who to listen too?

Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve done a lot of talk and a lot more listening but I still don’t have an answer to the one question that I’ve been itching to resolve. So, to take matters into my own hands, I’m just keep screaming louder and continue to and be one of the voices. I have over four years experience in the online video space. I’ve managed projects ranging from the YouTube Awards to the recently launched $99 Dollar Music Videos. I created two web series that sold to “name brand” sponsors. I’ve meet with the interactive leaders at nearly every major media studio. And most important to me, I genuinely care and am incredibly passionate about online video.

So ask me a question. Challenge me and my thoughts. In return, I’ll share your voice and will continue to look for answers.


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