Internet Party

This week, I was slapped in the fact by the popularity of Internet Party video. As a noob to the tech game, I assumed that no one outside of this 7by7 square mile city knows or cares about the dozens of video sites that allow you to search by pet name, favorite color, or most inappropriate moment.

Generally, links passed in closed circles is like offering up a stick of gum. It’s momentary enjoyment that will quickly lose flavor. But to my stubborn surprise, less than a day after the link was sent to me by a co-worker, the video popped up on digg and conversations had jumped off of AIM and people where actually talking about it in real life.

Today I sat among friends sipping a local brew — my head clouding over with the mention of a new site that encourages people to broadcast their waspiest moments — and asked the slightly beer-soaked crowd: Is it humanly possible to stay on top of the hot trends in social media? I want to think that it’s not, but denying credit where it could be due makes me feel like I may be as ignorant as I assume everyone else is. So I challenge all you non-SFist to tell me what you think. Is networking 2.0 mainstream? Is this video funny to the mass populous or is it too soon?

Extra Credit: How many of these sites have you been to or heard of? Inquiring minds would like to know…


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