What’s It Gonna Be?

The other night, I was in a heated conversation about how many online comedians are over producing their rap parodies in a way that makes it seem like they are taking the whole thing way too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, their are many artists who dare to be different and their innovation in the space only raises the bar — Eric Schwartz and Jon Lajoie. But Does Cherry Chocolate Rain make me laugh longer then a day? Not at all. Do these up-and-coming rap comedians have a chance to lock down the fame of Lazy Sunday or Dick in a Box? Probably not. The result of my rather lengthy conversation brought me back to this gem of a video. An original whitser rap by comedian Mike O’Connell, What’s it Gonna Be? was shot in a single location (your run of the mill dive bar) and never once cuts away from the absurdly laughable performance acted out in front of the lens.

So what’s the point? O’Connell didn’t have to bust out the bling and his entourage to get his hoes — he just needed to make them laugh. So maybe what I suggest is that web producers take it back to basics and maybe all the inspiring rockstar comedians will get a little more internet tang.


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