Not so Good at Webersations

I have spent the past year of my life trying to focus my thoughts into AIM conversations, Twitter posts, and blog comments. But how much can you really say in 150 characters? And in those characters, how much space is wasted by…and? I’m horrible at typing reading and now is probably the time to mention my self-inflicted lack of involvement with social networking. I can’t bare to spend my days managing multiple pages that are supposed to be a data clone of me. Not that there is a reason not to want to be connected with every person that you have ever walked by on the street, but do I really want my high school boyfriend “poking” me to see what I’ve been up to these days? Over the years, I have kept every phone number that I have acquired in my phone. Having never changed my name or main contact info, if you don’t have my number or email by now, do you really care how my day was or that I gave up on love and relationships years ago? I’m guessing not. And I’m pretty sure you just want to confirm that I’m still the nerd I used to be in order to validate your lack of conversation for the past eight years. So let me fill you in:

reelfeed: nyc is the place i lived the longest and i still consider it my home

reelfeed: yeah i worked on the departed and it was pretty much the best job ever

reelfeed: i got out of the entertainment business because i was tired of caring what people ate for lunch or how their happiness would totally determine mine

reelfeed: sad that the daily reel didn’t work out but start ups are startups and you can pour your heart and soul into them but it’s never worth it unless you own a piece

reelfeed: i store history in my head and try to learn from the past. the past is the only future that makes sense

reelfeed: sense requires spellcheck


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