Pete Doherty and Kate Moss’s Home Videos

Before watching this high-profile home music video, all the drug-ridden publicity and bad press that surrounds the couple started gleefully dancing about in my head. I wanted so badly to hate this video. But, I don’t. I had an entire arsenal of reasons why this video could have been anti-climactic and pointless. But in reality, it’s actually sort of charming.

Regardless of the sobriety of the rocker-meets-supermodel couple, there is some thing very sweet about the way Moss and Doherty interact with each other in this online video. This lazy-day-at-home footage shows the little moments of the couple’s life that you would never read in the tabloids or see in an episode of Extra. So ignore the headlines, and cherish the moments that Moss and Doherty want to remember for themselves.


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