March 9, 2007

I’ve been working really hard writing, scripting, and producing this podcast for The Daily Reel. I’m not an actress and I have minimal training in the broadcast world. Six years ago, I was a news anchor for my local access TV station – Yes, “I’m Felicia and this is Channel 34 News.” I would love to get thoughts on what you think of the show and how I could make it better.

1 comment
  1. CJ said:

    I’m really not qualified to comment, but one humble suggestion might be to put a little more separation between the different stories for clearer transitions. It seemed to me (and quite possibly only to me) that there just wasn’t quite enough space between pieces to delineate between them.

    That bit being said, your podcasts are well-done – your charisma and solid writing go a long way in making the show enjoyable.

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