OK Go- Do What You Want

Ok, I’ll give it to them… This new video sure is kitsch. It’s like watching a Magic Eye poster dance around. Which, by the way, makes my brain hurt. This new video by OK Go just proves my belief that the band lacks musical talent, hiding behind jovial, foot-tapping chords and music videos with lots of dancing. Not only does “Do What You Want” hurt my eyes, but it reminds me of a kids’ TV show with rock music.

I’m sure people are going to like it. It’s different. It’s OK Go. But does any one else realize that all the buzz of their last video came from them jumping around on tredmills in hipster garb? To keep up with their highly publicized online fame, they just found people to make a spectacle for them. As far as I can tell, this new video doesn’t even feature them!


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