What better way to get people involved in a series than to let them build it for themselves? Designed as a “choice your own adventure” series, this sci-fi drama takes user experience to a whole new level.

Currently in its sixth episode, Satocracy adds a supernatural edge to a video space that lacks some serious deep-space techie drama. With a new episode premiering every month or so, my only wish is that the web show was published more often. Don’t you folks over at know that choosing your own adventure can be addicting?

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  1. brad said:

    Hi Felicia!
    Brad here from Thank you so much for watching and voting and writing about it on your blog!!! We’ve taken your suggestion to heart, and have launched a new format, where we premiere 3 acts weekly for threee weeks. There is a vote after the third act to decide where the story should go.
    We’re beta testing our forum right now, and would love to hear your suggestions there.
    Sign up at
    Thanks again for the support. it means the world to us!

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