Justin Timberlake on SNL

This weekend, Timberlake hosted SNL, and it was actually entertaining. I will admit I have always thought that Timberlake took himself a little too seriously. Maybe it was because he was the lead singer of a hot-to-trot boy band or because he got REALLY mad that time he was Punk’d, but Timberlake always seemed a little self-involved and just… not funny.

Apparently, I might have been a little harsh, ’cause the boy’s got some skills. Timberlake’s hosting duties this Saturday included battling Santa for charitable donations while dressed as a giant Cup of Noodle, digging up some early 90’s raps like Salt ‘N Pepa’s “Shoop” in order to do so. After Timberlake dressed up as a dolphin during a Flaming Lips concert, it’s clear that the public doesn’t mind the pop star covering up that hot bod is a big plushie suit. But while he man-dressed-like-soup shock value is definitely worth your time, that’s not the only reason to watch. Turns out that Timberlake is actually kind of funny.


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