French Maid TV

When I first heard about French Maid TV, I thought it was going to be some dumb excuse to watch boobs and some booty-shaking. But, as it turns out, the show is clever and actually kind of cute. The scripted podcast is a series of “How Tos” featuring three attractive French maids, offering advice on topics such as How to Register a Domain or How to Barter Online. These brooding babes don’t just know how to work a feather duster; their advice is surprisingly web savvy.

Inter-cut with distractions and fun little asides, the latest episode of French Maid TV is an informative and eye-catching guide to sharing music with your friends. As fun as rock climbing and potato sack races are, I love how the French maids are trying to stay connected with the Holla girls. Being from complete opposite sides of the world, who knew they had anything in common?

And that guy being held under arrest… just happens to be Alex from Diggnation. I wonder how hard it was to convince him to put down his laptop for long enough to be held in contempt? Seriously, it’s impressive to see any web personality actually part from his or her computer. Even if there are sexy ladies involved.


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