Created by Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf, Jetset is a weekly teen culture web show that highlights cool and often geeky things found on and offline. Dedicated to using web vision as a communication tool, Jetset focuses “on teen life and interests as it relates to today’s global online culture.”

Though the show may target to teens, there is some thing universal about Jetset’s quality programming that appeals to a much larger audience. By combining issues of insecurity, angst, and morality with a fun-fictional vibe, Jetset makes note of important issues without preaching or talking down the people who may suffer from them.

A great example of the “actions speak louder than words” attitude of the show can be found in their latest episode. Zadi and Steve address personal debt and video game addiction in such a fictionally disguised manner that I barely caught on to the implications. Personally, I thought the video game detox sequence was brilliant. And with the Wii and the new Xbox coming out this holiday season, I may have to enlist some of my friends. Click here to watch

1 comment
  1. Steve Woolf said:

    Cool, thanks for the kind words. We put a link on the JETSET show site to your blog! Rock on!

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