Letterman Drops A 300lb. Safe On A Buick

I’m pretty sure this recurring bit on the Letterman Show is executed with the utmost safety, but…

Can you imagine walking to the corner deli, minding your business, only to see something plummet ten stories to the ground? Did I just really see that 300-pound safe fall of a building and onto a car? Or was I too busy listening to my iPod and dodging pedestrian traffic to care?

Well known for his pointless and absurd segments, Letterman has been destroying things in the name of comedy for a while now. His last-laugh humor has lead to the destruction not only safes but a variety of household items, by methods including explosives, steamrollers, and – most frequently – throwing them off the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

What’s next Dave? I really just can’t wait. I’d love to see you throw a snowman off the roof into a pile of presents or maybe a tuba into a vat of Jell-O.


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