Galacticast – Superman I.V

Galacticast is a weekly web series that claims to parody all the worlds of geek-dom. The show’s creators and stars, Rudy Jahchan and Casey McKinnon, write, shoot, and edit this larger-then-life web series in their studio apartment. Using a green screen, a camera, and a couple of lights, the sci-fi comedy brings a Lucas-esque quality to the viral video scene.

After launching in May of 2006, Galacticast continues to gain recognition from the vlogosphere for its well-scripted episodes and use of basic effects programs to create a vivid fictional world. In the spirit of Galaxy Quest, the comedy series developed as a mash-up of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comic book, and video-game references into sketch comedy spoofs.

This week’s episode references Superman and the Common People video “Zod Speaks from the Phantom Zone.” Some fans are calling this episode one of Galacticast’s best videos to date; with fellow podcasters (the Ray brothers and the Bui brothers) appearing as talking heads at the beginning of the episode, how could it not be?


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