Polytechnic – Man Overboard

Haunted by the howling of backup vocals and the repetitive pulse of the piano, this new track from the UK band Polytechnic has been named NME’s track of the week. The popular UK music mag NME describes Man Overboard as “a hypnotic marching anthem for dreamers on woozy prescription pills.”

With their album dropping in UK stores today, the Polytechnics’ new track sounds a bit like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with a raging hangover. According to Stockard Channing of Stereogum, “the first time we bumped into Manchester’s Polytechnic, we just couldn’t get over just how much Clap Your Hands Say Yeah came through in the band’s sound. It wasn’t just in the nasal, Alec affectations; it was in the use of bass as melody mover, the simple, snare and closed-hat indie beats.”

Regardless of the song’s inspiration, this video is beautifully traumatic and we love the dapper sparrow. With the urban sprawl devastating the half-man-half-bird’s very being, the ink-on-paper animation style is as gritty as it is mesmerizing.


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