Cingular: You’ll Run Your Bill Up

Over the past decade, A Christmas Story has become the holiday films that you just can’t help but watch. Airing hundreds of times during the holiday season the film has developed a cult following. With classic lines like “You’ll shot your eye out kid” and “Frag-i-le, must be Italian” seeping into the mainstream, the movie is referenced year round and making it a cultural institution.

A spin on Ralphie’s constant nagging and the film’s classic quote “You’ll shot you eye out kid,” this cell phone commercial ads a modern twist by combining footage from the movie with newly recorded voiceover. This Christmas, Ralphie wants a Motorola phone “with texting, games, and graphics.” The adult response to his Christmas wishes is “You’ll run the bill up.” It’s a good thing Cingular cell phone came to Ralphie’s rescue, otherwise he may start asking for a such hard to find gifts and a PSP or Nintendo Wii.


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