Borat Before He Was Borat

This video is a pre-Borat character named Christoph who is from Albania. This British TV spot is more than eight years old but features the same kooky guy, same suit, same thick enunciated accent that audiences have been crazed about.

This news-style story about Sasha Baron Cohen’s pre- Borat character is a flashback to Ali G “before he was massive.” As hilarious as this behind this vintage behind-the-scenes is, I think it is a statement about the culture of “Infotainment.” Even in this early story about comedies “it” guy, Cohen’s pre-Borat reporter to basically allowed to report on himself.

With the release of the Borat movie, several legit news sources, such as CNN, The New York Times, and Fox News, have let Cohen’s Borat come on for an interview in character. With Cohen sticking to his character for nearly a decade, the real question becomes where does Borat end and Cohen begin?


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