Emmitt Smith Wins Dancing with the Stars

Last night in the Dancing with the Stars Season Finale, NFL legend Emmitt Smith beat former Saved by the Bell star, Mario Lopez.

With both competitors achieving a perfect ten for two consecutive dances on Tuesday Night, the nation was torn– forced to vote and take sides between sitcom star AC Slater and the three-time Super Bowl champion who holds the world’s all-time rushing record.

“He ‘s the cutest thing and just puts you in a good mood,” said on TDR staffer about her dance crush Emmitt.

It has always been rumored that some football players practice ballet to become more agile and in control, but no one could have guessed that the former Dallas Cowboy superstar could freestyle and be this good at it.

Over the course of the Dancing season, the nation has fallen in love with the Pro sweetheart all over again. A family man whose wife and kids come to support him off the field and on the dance floor, Emmitt’s personality and chemistry with his dance partner made him the Viewer’s choice.

Emmitt Smith, Congrats! I must admit you’ve got “moves that (we) have never seen” and America loves it.


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