This new instant messaging system that allows its users to create a 3D version of themselves that can interact virtually with other users.

IMVU is currently in the beta stage.Created by video game developer, Will Harvey, the new chatting system allows users to customize a 3D model of themselves (called an avatar) that can interact with others in user-created environments.

Membership to the service is free with every new member receiving 1000 credits to purchase clothes, furniture, and other virtual society “must haves.” Once the thousand runs out, users must pay for any additional item via a pay per credit system. (Example: that table lamp cost two credits and at 50 cents a credit, users are dropping a dollar on 3D swag.)

Personally, I find this new method of communication a little too interactive. Users can engage in actions such as kissing, hugging, fighting, flirting, dancing and even doing the nasty (with consent and for a price). It is going to be the Sims with real people behind each computer-generated cog. I wonder how long it is going to take for the insecurities and perversions of the real world to rub off in this new medium.


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