K-Fed Gets the News

What! Can you imagine being in an interview, hooked up to a wire, sitting in a room full of people and BAM! divorce. Who does that? And why is it on YouTube?

I thought an email or a message on an answering machine would be the wrong way to go. But this is disgusting. A text message! Who does that?

MOD was shooting a behind the scenes with the “rapper” on the eving the papers were filed and they seem to think that they got his office notice live on tape:

Much Music was filming a special on Kevin after his appearance on Much On Demand. This was the night before Britney filed for divorce, during dinner his demeanor changed after getting some text messages, he asked them to stop filming and didn’t eat any of the food he ordered.

I don’t get it. Was she sitting at home, babies in the bathtub with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on her lap, thinking to herself “I just can’t do it any more. I have to tell him now.” She whips out her Sidekick and Wham! K-Fed gets served.

I feel like a train crashed and everyone was ok, but you still can’t stop thinking about it. This is a wreck. I don’t care and neither should the web watching community.

Earlier: Oops Brit Did It Again!


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