Cinema Europa

Dek uploaded and wrote about this marketing piece about a week ago on NoFatClips but I like it so much that I wanted to rehash his informative take with some ideas of my own.Media Salles is a program supported by the Italian government that promotes “European cinema and its circulation at theatrical level.” Yet, I feel like the images don’t seem exclusively European to me.

Before I looked deeper into the origin of this clip, I thought that it was meant to reflect the Industrial Era in America. Maybe it’s just my whistle-blowing American attitude, but the trains with dark smoke and the people crowding the theaters, made me think of every book that I have ever read about in the impact of film in the Industrial Age. The sexy, mysterious women and vaudville-esc humor of this beautifully painted advert may have also led me to that conclusion.

But still I’ll admit I was so obviously wrong, this short was made to promote Cinema in Europe. Historically and intellectually, Italian cinema is held to high-regard as a genre and a taste maker. I am ashamed of my own ignorance and I fully support anything made promote and challenge the artistic standards of film worldwide.


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