I love the idea of this video, running away from men with cameras for faces.

The image of being chased down by these manbots has a dual implication for me. First, I thought of the paparazzi and that in order to obtain national fame, you must get used to being followed around by an entourage of cameras.

But then I realized that even without a lick of local or national fame for myself, I feel like I can’t hide from people watching and wanted to know more. With the phenomenon of “real people are interesting” programming and the personalization of one’s thought and ideas over the Internet, it’s easy to feel exposed and easy to tracked down.

I don’t know too much about this band. Except that one of it’s g-tar boy is a self-claimed
“hipster nerd that hates hipsters and nerds.” And I think the song is repetitive and reminds me of something I have heard before (Note: being in LA myself, it is entirely possible that I have heard it live in some venue around town).

Over all, I give this video a B+. Highlight: I think the part where they are hiding in the bathroom is pretty fantastic.


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