There is No "I" in Halloween

It’s not easy being vampire pimp. This is actually a party invite for a Birthday Bash I went to a few weeks ago, but I love the vid and it makes me excited for Halloween.

A true tale about the dark creators that lurk in the night. My first thought, this dude looks like Christian Bale. And in this amazing vamp pad, he might as well be.

I may have watched this vid about a half dozen times since the party to get me in the mood for Halloween. And let it be known that being from Massachusetts, I take the holiday’s cross dressing and ghost scaring seriously. People have died over this stuff.

When the hunky vamp pulls the fake vamp teeth out of his pocket, I almost died. A subtle spoof on “protection,” he converts his hot lady friend for some all-out sloppy smooching. I could go on for another graph or so about the numorous reason that I love this video, but since I actually know these guys, I’m both partial and slightly nervous of them knowing my twisted inner thoughts.

I hear that originally there was a three in a half minute version that was just as spooktacular. I’m trying to convince them to let me have a sneak peek at the unreleased version. Love these guys!

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