Don’t be a Douche

This PSA sounds like it straight of of Jack Black’s Tenecious D album, all it needs are some repetative G-tar cords to beef up the background.

Speaking of background, what is my dear friend Jack doing in this vid? Did he join the Union Grip‘s department (these are the guys who help adjust the lighting and mount stuff to well stuff…its sort of hard to define, but they are the meat of the set and the electricians are the potatoes. Together they make people and places look pretty and well light.)I was so distracted by the c-stand and flags that I couldn’t quite focus on what Jack was saying. Flags…maybe thats it, pirate ships have flags maybe some one’s off-sided humor thought it would be funny to make a obsure industry joke. Not so funny.

Don’t be a douche, your a rock star turned actor Jack, and wouldn’t make it a day as a grip or a pirate. Nice try tough, and I love the reading rainbow-esc star at the end.


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