For Real

I fell like this video by Okkervil River doesn’t match the song. Watching it several times, I took a moment to appreciate each part separately.

This video is trying to take two artistic mediums and throw them in a blender; instead of Margaritas they got and chunky clumps of paint trying desperately to attach to its favorite cord.

Refusing to give up on the video itself, I tuned out the song and played this video to several tracks in my music library. If you ignore the lipsynch and the band gratuitously appearing in the wilderness, the best match visual/audio match I could find was with “Free Until They Cut Me Down” by Iron and Wine.

Still not entirely satisfied I closed my eyes, listened to the song and visualized each idea. I can see where the creative content for this video may have stemmed from, but I fell like it would have been far more effective using black and white with a gritty texture, combining static landscapes with intimate close-Ups. Frantically lost with nowhere to turn, haunted by deamons while looking for some one to free you from the monster you hide inside. Heavy stuff. I like the song but I think they should give this video another go.

Test it out with your music library and tell me what you think…


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