Best McDonald’s Commercial Ever

This is why McDonald’s gives out toys and has the bright, colorful play gyms…so that you always remember how simple life was at age 5 when you were climbing up the slide, covered in chocolate milkshake.

The younger cuter version of myself used to love going and getting it a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal. The fact that my mom didn’t want us to make a habit of it made the whole experience even better. McDonalds was a “special treat” only to be allowed when on the run or when my dad was out of town and my mom didn’t want to cook.

As a child, there was never a care in the world when you trusted that clown and dined-in at the “golden arches”.

I feel like this commercial capitalizes on the innocences of youth and the simplicity of life as seen by the eyes of naive children. But, I love it anyway. The image of one’s inner child crawling out of his or her body is amazing. Plus,kids acting like grown-ups are always pretty darn cute.


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