Real Audio: Jack Palance

Mah-mah… I get gitty over anything that uses “mah” in place of a boring or aggitating voice. Ever since I first heard the repeated trombone riff as the voice of the teacher in Charlie Brown, I realized that “mah” is probually one of the most brilant sound effects ever.

Some times, you just dont care to think up the most mundane or annoying thing for a character to say. And even if you did take the time to think it up, no one would want to hear your brillant attempt at immitating everyday life.

Besides the fantastic addition of an aggitating femme, this Real Audio clip takes an actual voice session with Academy Award-winning American actor, Jack Palance. Best known for playing the characters of Curly and Duke in the City Slickers movies, Palance is also one of the the most sinister cinematic villains of 1950s.

A characture of a not-so-uncommon moment in time, when some one may have wanted to slap this man for being so self-serving, animator Russell Arch brings Palance to life with texture and squiggles.


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