Tek Jansen

A cohesive, perverted Space Ghost, that has almost nothing to do with the news.

It looks like the creators of the Ambiguously Gay Duo may have a new cult hit with Steven Colbert’s Alpha Squad Seven: The New Tek Jansen Adventure. Even I am mildly obsessed.
A visual comic strip, Tek is like a big hunk of brownie in your double fudge ice cream, a sinfully guilty pleasure.

This is the third piece of the Tek Jansen epic. After airing some time last week, The Colbert Report episode re-run last night.

Though this new Tek episode continues to provide dry and overly sexualy humor, the hightlight for me was George Lucas in the studio watching the cartoon space spoof. After losing the Steven Colbert’s Green Screen Challenge, Lucas stayed as a guest on the news show. Watching George Lucas watching anmiated space drama, very entertaining.

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